Project Horror/Enid

In Summer of 2019, I had the opportunity of interning at Muse Games to design UI! These are some of my explorations and game renders of the project I had been working on.

  • Role UI Design Intern
  • For Muse Games
  • Tools Used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Unity 3D

To start off, here's the concept that was finished when I left the project at the end of the summer.

Project horror was intended to be a psychological thriller, and the UI needed to match the themes presented in the narrative. While the world and enemies may seem organic, the situation our heroine has found herself in, is that of a virtual reality world- utilizing hacked backend developer tools to navigate around dangers.

To match this, the UI needed to feel sci-fi virtual reality, but also have a rigidness to it- something you might find out of a DOS panel or old sci-fi movies like Alien.

Looking back though, it didn't start from there. With the company producing the VR program acting like "Facebook", there was a sense that all of the UI would feel vibrant and soft. These were some initial passes at the UI. It didn't take long to merge into a more 'old scifi' vibe, but lots of passes were taken!

Lastly, here are some progress shots from the revision and development of the UI system. Lots of iterations were made on the primary utility UI showing health/energy.